Anuradha Mahesh

Anuradha Mahesh

An incident can change a life. It’s Navaratri: the festival that spans nine days and is in honor of women gods. There is festivity in the air. The founder of the Swabodhini Trust, Radha Ganesan, was at Anuradha Mahesh’s home. They knew each other well as Anuradha is used to taking her son to the Trust for the past few months. Radha asks, “Can you take the post of a Trustee in our Trust?” As she looks around to make up her mind, Anu’s father-in-law nods, and she immediately says, “Yes.” That one decision changed her life. Life is full of incidences and accidents. How we cope with these and what choices we make leads us to our destiny. Meet Anuradha Mahesh, her trials and tribulations, her decisions and their impact, and her role in the specially-abled society. Let’s go back in time.
Both my parents and in-laws supported me physically, mentally, and emotionally in the time of need. My husband is my backbone. He ensures he is with my son when I have important meetings or other programs. He is my guiding force.

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